Active Studying


Don’t spend a minute “reading” just to get through the chapter – that is wasted time!  Don’t spend another class lecture thinking about what you’re going to eat for lunch when class is over – that is wasted time!  Don’t plan to read now and study later…when the test is closer – that is a waste of time! When you study, you want to get in, get it done and BE finished.   This workshop will teach you how to get the most out of lecture class and how to study those notes.  You’ll also learn how to figure out what, in your textbook, is important to learn and how to learn that information.  You will learn how you can study for the test weeks in advance and not forget the material.  You will leave with important information from one of your textbooks or a day of lecture notes identified and you’ll have several ways to learn that information…you may have even learned it by the time you leave!

Topics include: How to figure out what is important, Utilizing visual organizers, and Effective use of notecards.

Students need to bring:

  • Textbook(s) from "reading-based" courses
  • Class notes from all courses


Workshops are held in the Memorial Student Center on Texas A&M University's Campus. See the Workshop Calendar page for specific rooms.


Add the Exam Study Plan workshop* for an additional hour dedicated to developing a short-term implementation plan for these strategies for only $30 more. (A $39.99 value!)

*Only available to individuals who completed an "Active Studying" workshop.


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