Time Management Solutions


Successful time management is the most important aspect to excellence. Begin the semester with a solid plan for success.

Yes, you can spend productive time studying AND have a social life, a job, do “college life” stuff, sleep, maintain relationships, go home for the weekend…you CAN study and enjoy life.  This workshop will give you a framework by which to think about time and teach you how to stay out of chaos.  We’ll spend time developing academic and personal goals for the semester and then we’ll devise a plan to accomplish them. You will leave with a solid and flexible time management plan based on your class schedule and your goals…and there will be plenty of free time left each week!

Topics include Academic Self-Regulation, Time Management Theory, and Using a Fixed-Commitment Calendar as a Stabilizing Force.

Students need to bring:

  • Class schedule
  • Any current planner being used
  • Syllabus for all classes currently enrolled


Workshops are held in the Memorial Student Center on Texas A&M University's Campus. See the Workshop Calendar page for specific rooms.

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